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November 11th to 13th, 2016 DCM | Workshops


Activities and Events

Four teams, three intensive days, one goal: to develop a prototype of a virtual reality experience. Teams are formed in advance, and consist of the following members:
A) a documentary filmmaker;
B) a coder / VR developer;
C) an expert in VR storytelling;
D) a creative wildcard.

Consistent with the Montreal-born KINO Kabaret concept, the teams are given a thematic prompt and are encouraged to develop their projects together, collaboratively and spontaneously, over the following three days. Each member will bring invaluable knowledge to the project, and mentors and experts will accompany them in their mission to create the prototype for an outside-the-box virtual reality experience.

KINO VR is non-competitive and will culminate with a public presentation of the prototypes on Sunday, November 13th. During this event, VR experts, commissioners, and creators will discuss the progress and potential of the four projects.

Allison Moore
Andrea Diaz
Benjamin Gattet
Brendan Walker
Chelsea McMullan
David Drury
Isabella Weetaluktuk
Karen Vanderborght
Khoa Lê
Liam Maloney
Marco Luna
Marlon Kroll
Maude Thibodeau
Paul Georges
Romain Tavenard
Vahe Vardanyan

Katerina Cizek | MIT Open Documentary Lab
Sandra Rodriguez | MIT Open Documentary Lab + EyeSteelFilm
Sean Flynn | Points North Institute
Simon Wilkinson | CiRCA69

Ana Serrano | CFC Media Lab
Clint Beharry | Harmony Institute
Éloi Champagne | ONF / NFB
Fabien Barati | Emissive (THE ENEMY)
David Oppenheim | ONF / NFB
John MacFarlane | POV Digital
Mike Ritchie | Headspace Studio
Randall Okita | Artist
Robin McNicholas + Eleanore Whitley | Marshmallow Laser Feast
Voyelle Acker | consultante

Presented with the financial participation of the Bell Fund, in collaboration with the Concordia Research Chair on Interactive Documentary Filmmaking, Concordia Documentary Center, Bell Média, British Council Canada, NFB, MUTEK_IMG / VR SALON, Turbulent, Dpt., centre PRIM and Headspace Studio.

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