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08 - 18 Nov. 2018

Eurodoc Pitch


When: Wednesday, November 15

For the fourth straight year, Doc Circuit Montréal is associated with EURODOC, the acclaimed international training program. Through this collaboration, a producer from Quebec will participate in EURODOC, normally for European producers, and present their film or multimedia project in development to an audience of international professionals.

If you want:

  • To benefit from extensive expertise for your documentary project in development;

  • Test your project’s international potential and receive advice on writing and development, rights negotiations, budgeting, co-production, funding and various aspects of co-production;

  • Present your project to the leading program managers in Europe and elsewhere, in one-on-one meetings held in a privileged and relaxed setting;

Deliver your pitch to Doc Circuit Montréal and you could go to EURODOC 2018!


  • During DCM, 5 selected producers from Quebec and/or francophone Canadian, will pitch their projects to a panel of EURODOC representatives, broadcasters and European and Canadian producers.

  • A chance to participate in the EURODOC program: 3 one-week overseas training sessions (residency workshops).

  • A $4,000 grant for travel and other expenses.

*EURODOC will defray 60% of the costs of registration in the program and travel.


Themes for EURODOC sessions

  • First session: developing a feature-length documentary project.

  • Second session: budgeting, funding, presentation and co-production.

  • Third session: Presentations to expert panel.


Visit the EURODOC website for more details.



Éric Ruel | Misogynie 2.0

Sylvie Van Brabant | The Migrant Millions

Mélanie Carrier et Olivier Higgins | Ce que le monde porte en soi

Simon Plouffe | Les yeux ne font pas le regard

Stéphanie Verrier | Stateless




2016 - Participant: Yanick Létourneau

Status: In development



2015 - Participant: Isabelle Couture (Esperamos)

Director: Tamara Dawit

Status: In development



2014 - Participant: Audrey-Ann Dupuis-Pierre (Nemesis Films)

Director: Karim Haroun

Status: In development


Presented in collaboration with EURODOC and the Association Québécoise de la Production Médiatique (AQPM).






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