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09 - 19 Nov. 2017

The good spots

The good spots
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INSERTECH is a non-profit insertion company that helps young jobless adults return to the labor market. Buy refurbished computers: commercial grade, guaranteed and affordable. Repair your devices: on site or remotely with an online technician. Tax free, very competitive prices.
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Caribou magazine aims to reflect and witness a quebec’s culinary, gastronomic, and farming culture, in full affirmation of is identity, worn by chefs, producers and passionate artisans.
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Le Grand

LeGrand manufactures and sells fresh pesto, premium sauces, soups and hummus, made from natural ingredients. Our products are prepared weekly only from fresh, non-gmo ingredients without using any preservatives. Our products are a mix of Europe's fine gourmet cuisine combined with the all-natural influence of the West Coast. We harmoniously combine traditions and innovations, as worthy craftsmen of the 3rd millennium that we are.
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Ciel variable

Ciel variable aims to identify and examine leading practices and movements in contemporary art photography. Although it closely covers the history and different uses of photography, the magazine is particularly interested in photographic practices that share the ground with other contemporary art processes, and engage in reflections on the photographic media, their position, and their impact within today’s global culture.
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Our identity has always combined genuine pleasure and know-how, a proven formula to strike a balance between charm and functionality, hence the principle at the heart of the m0851 lifestyle: balance, the essential element of life. Discover our items on 3526 St-Laurent St.
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Camellia SInensis

From the garden to your cup, Camellia Sinensis handle every step of the way to guarantee the freshness and authenticity of each tea. Tea Pure & Simple. Visit us at our spot in Quartier Latin 351, rue Émery.
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Sweet isabelle

Located on Fleury Street in Montreal, and on St-Charles Street in Longueuil, Sweet Isabelle offers decorated shortbread cookies, pure butter cupcakes and cookie decorating workshops, for all. Whether it is for a kid’s party, an office party or a family activity, these activities offer you a creative and outstanding experience!
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Theobroma chocolat

At Theobroma chocolat, we are dedicated to producing a variety of gourmet chocolates with an unequalled and innovative quality. All our products are created and developed in keeping with our core principles, which revolve around healthy consumption and respect for the environment against the backdrop of pleasure and well-being.
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3/4 oz. tonic maison

3/4 oz. is a young company based in Montreal that produces, distributes and sells high-end concentrates for cocktail enthusiasts. An alternative to commercial products, our syrups offer a refined, healthier and original taste for your cocktails.
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Pony is a unisex streetwear brand. The designs are created by Gabrielle Laila Tittley. The message behind the clothing is very empowering, funny and inspired by musical pop culture.​
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Dispatch Coffee

What started as Montreal's first coffee truck in 2012 is now a vertically integrated coffee company that sources, roasts and retails coffee beans - Dispatch has always been committed to widening the reach for high quality and ethically sourced coffee, and to bridging the gap between coffee drinkers and coffee farmers and workers all along the supply chain.
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Librairie le port de tête

Installée au 262 sur l'avenue Mont-Royal, la librairie Le Port de tête est au cœur de la vie culturelle montréalaise depuis le mois de mai 2007. Notre souci principal est d’offrir à notre clientèle des livres de qualité, neufs ou d’occasion, dans tous les domaines.


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!