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November 19th, 2022 Unframing documentary

CANCELLED - Roundtable : Documentary Storytelling in Theatre and Cinema

The documentary theater play Ciseaux reawakens Montreal’s queer consciousness from a feminist perspective through drag, documentary material and monologues by LGBTQ2+ personalities, such as Manon Massé, Safia Nolin, Judith Lussier and Monique Giroux. With this new work, Pleurer Dans’ Douche promises to deliver a surprising and festive show filled with comedy and authenticity.

Following the November 19 show, there will be a happy hour-style round table in collaboration with RIDM at the Espace Libre. In a desire to better understand the particularities and challenges of documentary creation in cinema and theater, Pleurer Dans’ Douche’s Geneviève Labelle and Mélodie Noël Rousseau will discuss with documentary filmmaker Fanie Pelletier (Bloom).

Ciseaux will be presented at the Espace Libre from November 15 to December 3.

Presented in collaboration with Espace Libre

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