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November 20th to 24th, 2019 Luc Moullet: One Step Forward, One Step Sideways

Luc Moullet: One Step Forward, One Step Sideways

Luc Moullet entered the world of film at the age of 18, as a critic for Cahiers du Cinéma, joining a group of staffers who would soon launch the French New Wave. Godard encouraged Moullet to make his first short, Un steak trop cuit, in 1960. It would be the start of a long and still vital film career: ten features and more than 30?shorts that would, over the years, comprise a body of work as atypical as it is relevant.

Moullet’s films stand out for their DIY aesthetic, sense of the absurd, political awareness and, above all, deadpan humour. Some have compared him to Buster Keaton, Jacques Tati, Luis Buñuel or Alfred Jarry because of the satirical, visionary, solemn, farcical and provocative aspects that accompany his novel and unique traits. His approach often starts with a place or an everyday activity, and his erudition leads him to explore any genre. He does it all with a distinctive sense of composition and pacing, an unforgettable voice, and a talent for philosophizing on a shoestring.

Luc Moullet is not only a filmmaker. He is also a geographer, sociologist, anthropologist, poet. An avid walker, rather than measuring time he measures space, his wanderings feeding his mind. He is also a keen cinephile who has never set limits for himself, embracing documentary, fiction, autofiction, westerns, road movies, educational films and more. He has written excellent books (including Politique des acteurs and Le rebelle de King Vidor), produced several films (for Jean Eustache and Marguerite Duras) and even acted in various roles.

This retrospective is your chance to (re)discover the work of this on-location filmmaker, as much an amused bystander as a lucid observer, with a selection focusing on the part of his work that most directly engages with reality. He dissects the human comedy (Anatomie d’un rapport, L’empire de Médor, Barres), abandoned places (Terres noires, La cabale des oursins, La terre de la folie), consumerism (Genèse d’un repas, Toujours plus), the landscapes of rural France (Foix, Imphy), American cities (Le ventre de l’Amérique), and even the cinematic imagination (Une aventure de Billy le Kid). An ethnographer and adventurer of the banal, Luc Moullet has never stopped shedding essential light on our times.

Explore the retrospective Luc Moullet: One Step Forward, One Step Sideways

1 - Alpine Mysteries - Novembre 20th 5:45PM - Cinémathèque québécoise, salle Canal D
Terres noires | France | 1961 | 19 min | French
La terre de la folie | France | 2009 | 90 min | French

2 - Human comedies - Novembre 21st - 6PM - Cinémathèque québécoise, salle Fernand-Seguin
L’empire de Médor | France | 1986 | 13 min | French
Anatomie d’un rapport | codirected withAntonietta Pizzorno | France | 1976 | 82 min | French

3 - Food Chains - Novembre 22nd - 3:30PM - Cinémathèque québécoise, salle Canal D
Genèse d’un repas | France | 1978 | 117 min | French

Masterclass: Luc Moullet - November 22nd - 6PM - Cinémathèque québécoise, salle Canal D
An exceptional encounter with an inspiring filmmaker.

4 - Another America - Novembre 23rd - 1:15PM - Cinémathèque québécoise, salle Canal D
Le ventre de l’Amérique | France | 1996 | 25 min | French
Une aventure de Billy le Kid | France | 1971 | 78 min | French

5 - Critical Geography - Novembre 24 1:30PM - Cinémathèque québécoise, salle Canal D
La cabale des oursins | France | 1991 | 17 min | French
Barres | France | 1984 | 14 min | Français
Imphy, capitale de la France | France | 1995 | 23 min | French
Foix | France | 1994 | 13 min | French
Toujours plus | France | 1994 | 25 min | French

After the festival, the Cinémathèque québécoise continue the retrospective. The screenings will take place on the 25th and 26th november, also with the filmmaker in attendance.

Presented in collaboration with Le Consulat général de France à Québec, La Cinémathéque québécoise

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