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November 22nd, 2022 Party at RIDM headquarters

Launch party : Le mythe de la femme noire

To celebrate the opening of the film Le mythe de la femme noire, the film's team invites you to a festive evening, at our HQ, located at the Cinematheque québécoise. To be expected : attendance prices and dancing to the devilish rythms of DJ KidCrayola, nicknamed Vibe Bender, this haïtien-born artist, which puts forward self-love and acceptation, uses music as a vector of gatherings to promote the beauty of diversity, the mixing of the cultures and people.

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Closing Party

What better to celebrate a succesful edition of the festival than a good old festive evening ! We talk, we drink, we dance, we relax and we celebrate...

Karaoke Night

You know you want to sing your all-time faves at the top of your lungs. Let yourself go, have some fun and pick up that mic!

Launch Party : Jouvencelles

Party ''I Used to be Seventeen’' the celebrate the quebec premiere of Bloom (Jouvencelles) under the theme of teenagehood, when staying up late...

Techno Party - Omar Hamdi

An exciting evening with invigorating rythms from DJ Omar Hamdi !

Cuban Hat Pitch

The Cuban Hat Pitch is back for a tenth year! Following a call for submissions, five teams of documentary filmmakers will present their projects in...

Newcomer's Night

After our grand evening for the Soirée de la relève, come take a drink and celebrate this grand evening with the filmmakers of the moment !

Opening Party

Come celebrate the launch of our 25th edition in our usual GQ, back in full form !

Brazilian Party

Come dance to the rythm of the best brazilian vinyls : Tupi Collective will make you move all night as part of our Focus Brazil. From reggae to samba,...

RIDMs 25th Birthday

25 years of RIDM, documentaries, encounters and parties ! Come celebrate with us our quarter of century during this celebratory evening that will be...


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!