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International Feature Competition

Anhell69 Theo Montoya

Anhell69 is the Instagram handle of a friend of filmmaker Theo Montoya, who wished to give his friend a leading role in a B-movie about ghosts mingling with the living in the city of Medellín, Colombia. But a week after his audition, he died of an overdose, giving the abandoned project a dark new meaning; its new purpose is to pay tribute to this friend and others like him. Living day to day, the young people of these queer communities cannot imagine the future. They share a nihilistic vision of existence, placing their lives dangerously in the hands of fate. Lying in a coffin in the back of a hearse, Montoya’s corpse tells of the melancholy of a generation ravaged by despair and disillusionment.
— Editorial Team

competition : International Feature Competition


  • Country : Colombia, Romania, France, Germany
  • Year : 2022
  • V.O : Spanish
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 72 MIN
  • Cinematography : Theo Montoya
  • Editing : Theo Montoya
  • Editing : Delia Oniga
  • Editing : Matthieu Taponier
  • Production : Bianca Oana
  • Production : David Hurst
  • Production : Theo Montoya
  • Production : Juan Pablo Castrillon
  • Music : Marius Leftarache
  • Music : Vlad Fenesan
  • Sound Design : Eloisa Arcila Fernandez
  • Sound Design : Estephany Cano
  • Sound Design : Marius Leftarache
  • Sound Design : Victor Miu
  • Sound Design : Marian Balan
  • Sound Design : Dragos Stirbu
The film’s journey :

Venice International Film Critics’ Week | World Premiere, Verona Film Club Award, Mario Serandrei – Hotel Saturnia for the Best Technical Contribution, Jury Special Mention

DOK Leipzig | International Competition

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