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Seeking Communities - Nov 12 to Nov 18

Communicating Vessels Maïder Fortuné, Annie MacDonell

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An experimental short on artistic creativity, the complex connections between teacher and student, and the countless communications issues among people. Communicating Vessels opens with a simple and subtly evocative sentence: “I first met E. when she attended my introductory film course.” By turns video art, performance and testimonial, the narrative presents a dialogue – at times constructive, at others destructive – between two passionate artists who never stop questioning the line between private life and creativity. “The smallest gesture can be invested with political potential,” the narrator reminds us. A brilliant reflection on conceptual art and the transmission of knowledge and thought, this unique essay blurs lines as a way to bring us into the conversation. (Bruno Dequen)

Presented in collaboration with Radio-Canada

competition : Short and Medium-Length National Competition

Communicating Vessels

  • Country : Canada
  • Year : 2020
  • V.O : English
  • Subtitles : French
  • Duration : 30 MIN
  • Cinematography : Iris Ing
  • Cinematography : Claire Harvie
  • Cinematography : Maïder Fortuné
  • Editing : Maïder Fortuné
  • Editing : Annie MacDonell
  • Production : Maïder Fortuné
  • Production : Annie MacDonell
  • Sound Design : Julia Wittman
  • Sound Design : Polina Teif
Filmography of Maïder Fortuné :

Curtain! (2008)
Carrousel (2010)
The yellow blind (2015)
Jacare (2016)
L’inconnu de Collegno (2018)

Filmography of Annie MacDonell :

Cinema and Visual Pleasure (2001)
The Fortune Teller (2015)
Book of Hours (2019)

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