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International Short and Medium-Length Competition

Nazarbazi Maryam Tafakory


Following the Iranian revolution of 1979, it was strictly forbidden to depict a woman and a man touching on screen. Filmmakers had to find creative ways to get around this restriction. Behind Nazarbazi hides an impressive piece of archival research into post-revolution Iranian films. The fluid collage of subtle scenes and moments bear witness to the impossibility of completely erasing desire despite censorship. Long, meaningful looks; hands tightly holding the same object without touching; a door closing on a couple; a light turning off...this collection of images is an ode to freedom, love, and the emancipatory power of cinema.
— Editorial Team

competition : Short and Medium-Length International Competition


  • Country : Iran, United Kingdom
  • Year : 2022
  • V.O : Farsi
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 19 MIN
  • Editing : Maryam Tafakory
  • Production : Maryam Tafakory
Filmography of Maryam Tafakory :

fragments of (2014)
poem & stone (2015)
absent wound (2016)
i have sinned a rapturous sin (2017)
irani bag (2021)

The film’s journey :

International Film Festival Rotterdam | World Premiere, Ammodo Tiger Short Award

Melbourne International Film Festival | Best Experimental Short Film Award Winner

MoMA Doc Fortnight | Official Selection

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