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One Day in Ukraine Volodymyr Tykhyy

День Українського Добровольця

Filmed on March 14, 2022, said to be the 2,944th day of the Russian invasion beginning with the annexation of Crimea, One Day in Ukraine looks at the Ukrainian people’s many forms of resistance. Generally staying on the periphery of the fighting, the camera observes the daily life of a woman involved in a restaurant-turned-communal kitchen, accompanies a voluntary militia on patrol, and steps inside the Kyiv metro, now used as a shelter for those seeking protection from the bombing. Despite the urgency of sharing this reality, Volodymyr Tykhyy (a founding member of the Babylon'13 filmmakers’ collective, formed in the wake of the Maïdan Uprising in 2013) has skilfully brought together a range of sources for this film.
— Editorial Team

One Day in Ukraine

  • Country : Ukraine, Poland
  • Year : 2022
  • V.O : Ukrainian
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 78 MIN
  • Cinematography : Yaroslav Pilunskiy
  • Cinematography : Yehven Kozeko
  • Cinematography : Serhii Stetsenko
  • Cinematography : Ilhor Ivanko
  • Cinematography : Ihor Lutsenko
  • Cinematography : Maksym Ruban
  • Cinematography : Yuri Gruzinov
  • Cinematography : Yuri Pupyrin
  • Cinematography : Illya Yehorov
  • Cinematography : Ivan Bannikov
  • Cinematography : Roman Liubyi
  • Cinematography : Oleksandr Shkrabak
  • Editing : Ivan Bannikov
  • Editing : Volodymyr Tykhyy
  • Production : Igor Savychenko
  • Production : Volodymyr Tykhyy
  • Production : Kamil Rutkowski
  • Music : Mykyta Moiseiev
  • Sound Design : Maria Nesterenko
  • Sound Design : Bob Shevyakov
  • Sound Design : Illya Yehorov
Filmography of Volodymyr Tykhyy :

Car Washers (2010)
The Green Jacket (2013)
Captives (2015)
The Gateway (2017)
Lethal Kittens (2020)

The film’s journey :

Sheffield Doc/Fest | World Premiere, Special Mention

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