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Our Song to War Juanita Onzaga

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As the war winds down in the Colombian jungle, restless spirits roam while residents return to the land and resume their lives. It’s said that crocodile-men stalk young girls in the river. The villagers practise mysterious funerary rituals. The dead leave their graves after dark. Our Song to War takes place in the region where the Bojayá massacre happened, in 2002. But rather than recounting those tragic events, Juanita Onzaga captures the haunted atmosphere that reigns in the mangroves, and the way this shattered community is re-learning to live with its ghosts. Following in the footsteps of the local children, she sketches a possible future for a world put on pause for many years, through an audio-visual aesthetic steeped in mystery and beauty. (ACO)

Our Song to War

  • Country : Belgium, Colombia
  • Year : 2018
  • V.O : Spanish
  • Subtitles : French or English
  • Duration : 14 MIN
  • Cinematography : Juanita Onzaga
  • Editing : Juanita Onzaga
  • Production : Juanita Onzaga, Jan Stevens, Sofie Despeer
  • Sound Design : Jeremy Bocquet
Filmography of Juanita Onzaga :

Skin of the Other (2014)
The Jungle Knows You Better Than You Do (2017)

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