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Challenging Power - Nov 19 to Nov 25

Quelque chose brûle Victoria Maréchal, Nicolás Tabilo, Macarena Astete

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Algo está quemando

Three seemingly mundane moments filmed in northern Chile with two 7-year-old boys. On a street corner, Ettiene and Benjamin do their best to answer a series of questions about the protest movements engulfing the country. Walking downtown, they don’t seem to hear the racist comments about their skin colour and heritage, until Ettiene’s mother reacts. At the end of the day, soccer becomes a symbolic safe haven from the world, sirens, insults and tension. With restraint and gentleness, this kid’s-eye-view short exposes the climate of violence and discrimination bubbling beneath the surface of Chilean society. (Bruno Dequen)

Presented in collaboration with Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) and Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Montreal

Quelque chose brûle

  • Country : Chile, Argentina
  • Year : 2020
  • V.O : Spanish
  • Subtitles : French or English
  • Duration : 22 MIN
  • Cinematography : Nicolás Tabilo
  • Editing : Nicolás Tabilo
  • Editing : Victoria Maréchal
  • Editing : Macarena Astete
  • Production : Macarena Astete
  • Production : Victoria Maréchal
  • Production : Nicolás Tabilo
  • Sound Design : Victoria Maréchal
Filmography of Victoria Maréchal :

Childhoods (2016)
At home we spoke Hebrew (2018)
Borders II (2019)

Filmography of Nicolás Tabilo :

Valparaíso, my city, our world heritage (2014)
Downstream (2015)

Filmography of Macarena Astete :

Contemplation (2008)
It was a good time (2019)

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