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Surviving Violence - Nov 26 to Dec 2

Sous un même soleil François Jacob

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Under the Same Sun

Both long-running and largely unknown to outsiders, the territorial conflict around Nagorno-Karabakh is a stubborn wedge between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which have continued to dispute the self-proclaimed Transcaucasian republic despite a 1994 ceasefire. Listening attentively to passionate voices on either side, Québécois director François Jacob paints an insightful portrait of ethnic nationalism in the Caucasus. He meets activists, journalists and patriots, who talk about the horrors of war, trauma, loss – and the hunger for a justice that’s hard to define amidst an endless “dialogue” that only goes around in circles. How can peace prevail when relentless propaganda keeps sowing division? The filmmaker’s staunchly humanist approach seeks light beyond the politics of hate. (Charlotte Selb)

In first part Pitoc e icinakosian presented by Wapikoni mobile.

Presented in the Canal D Space

Presented in collaboration with Le Cinéma sous les étoiles de Funambules Médias

competition : National Feature Competition

Sous un même soleil

  • Country : Canada (Quebec)
  • Year : 2020
  • V.O : Armenian, Azerbaïdjanais, Russian, English
  • Subtitles : French or English
  • Duration : 97 MIN
  • Cinematography : François Jacob
  • Editing : Jéricho Jeudy
  • Production : François Jacob
  • Music : Moses Baxter
  • Sound Design : Hélène Magne
Filmography of François Jacob :

La Queue du train (2008)
Le Soleil (2010)
Les lendemains qui chantent (2014)
Sur la Lune de Nickel (2017)

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