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Focus Brazil : Navigating the Future

Swing and Sway Fernanda Pessoa, Chica Barbosa

Vai e Vem

Fernanda is in São Paulo. Chica has moved to Los Angeles. As they navigate the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic and follow the political chaos and social upheavals in their countries, the directors communicate via video-letter. In the rigorous setting they develop for their correspondence, a challenge is set: each letter must be inspired by the work of a female experimental filmmaker. Intimate conversations between friends and their immersion in other women’s work become a call to reoccupy the streets and collective life. Through their discussions and remote meetings, Fernanda and Chica build bridges between the North and South, between the past and present, between the worlds we live in and those we dream of.
— Camila Macedo, Festival Olhar de Cinema

This film is presented as part of our Focus Brazil : Navigating the Future

Presented in collaboration with VISIONS

Swing and Sway

  • Country : Brazil
  • Year : 2022
  • V.O : Portuguese, English, Spanish
  • Subtitles : English
  • Duration : 81 MIN
  • Cinematography : Chica Barbosa
  • Cinematography : Fernanda Pessoa
  • Editing : Chica Barbosa
  • Editing : Fernanda Pessoa
  • Production : Jessica Luz
  • Music : Aline Araújo
  • Music : Júlia Teles
  • Music : Thiago Zanato
  • Sound Design : Chica Barbosa
  • Sound Design : Tiago Bello
  • Sound Design : Fernanda Pessoa
Filmography of Fernanda Pessoa :

Stories Our Cinema Did (Not) Tell (2017)
Arid Zone (2019)
Same/Different/Both/Neither (2020)
Order Prevails (2022)
Solidarity (2022)

Filmography of Chica Barbosa :

Bite (2014)
The Bony Lady (2018)
Madrigal for a Living Poet (2018)
Same/Different/Both/Neither (2020)

The film’s journey :

Olhar de cinema | World premiere

Sheffield DocFest | International competition

DOK Leipzig | Camera Lucida

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