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The Bird and Us Félix Rehm

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According to the Traffic Act of 1922, manufactured items were subject to duty upon import to the United States, but works of art were exempt. October 1926: Bird in Space, a non- figurative sculpture by Constantin Brancusi, is deemed by customs agents in San Francisco to be a manufactured article, because it did not meet the classic definition of a work of art. The importer appealed the decision, turning a simple commercial dispute into a debate on the very nature of art. The Bird and Us is an atmospheric meditation in the form of a fleeting legal thriller, making its case with ably edited archival footage from a variety of sources.

Presented in collaboration with UniFrance and the International Festival of Films on Art

The Bird and Us

  • Country : France
  • Year : 2016
  • V.O : English
  • Subtitles : French
  • Duration : 20 MIN
  • Editing : Félix Rehm
  • Production : Margaux Juvénal
  • Music : Géry Petit, Axel Nouveau
  • Color grading : Juliette Barrat, Maxence Lemonnier
Filmography of Félix Rehm :

La muse endormie (2016)

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