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12 Nov. - 02 Dec. 2020

One-on-One Pitches 2019

The One-on-One Pitches is full day of meetings between documentary producers, filmmakers, and decision-makers: broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, festival programmers, institutions, and funds representatives. It is a unique opportunity for creators and decision-makers alike to forge new partnerships and bring new projects to life. 84 decision-makers and experts from all around the world as well as Canada were present for the One-on-One Pitches in 2018.

The meetings last 15-minutes each are are booked in advance by registered producers and filmmakers.

Since 2015, the One-on-Ones include the 1:1 Meetings, a section dedicated to consultations with professionals who do not fall under the traditional decision-maker title. These meetings offer valuable face time with experts from a variety of backgrounds, including interactive and VR (programmers, designers, producers), strategy consultants (festival, distribution, financing, legal/rights). A time-slot will also be dedicated to coproduction will allow delegates to meet with international producers.



Forum RIDM is pleased to announce some new important features for its high-profile event, the One-on-One Pitches. First, the registration period for 2019 will be abbreviated, opening September 16 and closing October 27. Documentary professionals are asked to take note and register early.


The shorter registration period is part of an effort to make the registration process smoother and more efficient. With this change, more than 80% of decision makers will be confirmed when pass sales begin, and participants will be able to request specific meetings right away. The shortened registration period will also give participants earlier access to the schedule on November 5 – two weeks before the event, to facilitate preparation for pitches and meetings.


A second important new feature concerns the scheduling of meetings. When registering for the One-on-One, participants will request meetings with 12 decision makers and be guaranteed to meet with at least four. A maximum of eight more meetings will be assigned by the Forum RIDM team, following a detailed review of participants’ and decision makers’ files. Participants will also be put in contact with certain lesser-known international agents who are seeking to form business partnerships in Quebec and have the means to make significant contributions to projects. Eight more time slots will be available on-site, in addition to the 12 pre-assigned meetings, for a total of up to 20 meetings over the course of the day.


Forum RIDM is also working to enhance the impact of this full day of pitches, making it more productive for everyone involved. The list of decision makers and experts will be announced on September 16, to coincide with the opening of pass sales. The Forum suggests that documentary professionals keep a close eye on its communications to get the latest updates on the high-profile guests who will attend the documentary market this November.






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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!