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14 - 24 Nov. 2019




Adam Khalil, Empty Metal

Aida Maigre-Touchet, Song of a Seer

Alexandre Chartrand,  And with a Smile, the Revolution

Amélie Barrette, Fermé Définitivement

Amélie Hardy, Train Hopper

Andréanne Martin, Chloé Virgule

Antoine Bourges, Fail to Appear

Ariane Lorrain, Zagros

Audrey Nantel-Gagnon, Shirley Temple

Bayley Sweitzer, Empty Metal

Brian M.Cassidy, Interchange

Catherine Hébert, Ziva Postec. The editor behind the film Shoah

Charlotte Brousseau, Intertwined

Chloé Gayraud, Chloé Virgule

Chrissan Hessing, Turning Tables

Christine Chevarie-Lessard, A Delicate Balance

Christy Garland, What Walaa Wants

Dan Popa, Symphony in Aquamarine

Danae Elon, A Sister's Song

Denys Arcand, Le confort et l'indifférence

Donal Foreman, The Image You Missed

Donal Mosher, The Gospel of Eureka

Elizabeth Mirzaei, Laila at the bridge

Giorgio Ferrero, Beautiful Things

Harold Junior Julmice, Amour is Love

Helene Klodawsky, Undying Love

Hind Benchekroun, Xalko

Irene Lusztig, Yours in Sisterhood

Jean Jean, Printemps Now!

Jean-François Caissy, First Stripes

Jean-Marc E.Roy, Imaginary Tales

Jean-Nicolas Orhon, Ensemble

Jennifer Alleyn, Impetus

Joanna Chevalier, Amour is Love

Jonathan Durand, Memory is our Homeland

Joseph Hillel, City Dreamers

Juanita Onzaga, Our Song to War

Julien Elie, Dark Suns

Julien Faraut, McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection

Julien Fréchette, My war

Juliette Granger, Marées

June Balthazard, La rivière Tanier

Kazuhiro Soda, Rétrospective

Keyu Chen, Wind of Spring

Kim O'bomsawin, Du teweikan à l'électro : voyage aux sources de la musique autochtone

Kristina Konrad, Unas Preguntas

Kyoka Tsukamoto, My Dearest Sister

Luc Courchesne, Marie à New York

Malena Szlam, Altiplano

Maria Augusta Ramos, Rétrospective

Marie Chouinard, Marie à New York

Mark Achbar, Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky

Marusya Bociurkiw, Bodies in Trouble

Melanie Shatzky, Interchange

Michael Palmieri, The Gospel of Eureka

Michelle Mohabeer, Exposure

Mika Goodfriend, Snowbirds

Nadine Gomez, Exarcheia, le chant des oiseaux

Nicolas Wadimoff, The Apollo of Gaza

Nicolas-Alexandre Tremblay, The Coasters

Nitesh Anjaan, Dreaming Murakami

Noémie Gagnon, Straight backs

Pawel Wojtasik, The End and the Means

Peter Mettler, Becoming Animal

RaMell Ross, Hale County This Morning, This Evening

Razan AlSalah, Your father was born 100 years old, and so was the Nakba

Rick Prelinger, Lost Landscapes of New York / Panorama Ephemera

Robert Greene, Bisbee '17

Ron Mann, Carmine Street Guitars

Sami Mermer, Xalko

Shahab Mihandoust, Zagros

Sharlene Bamboat, Video Home System

Shehrezad Maher, This Shaking Keeps Me Steady

Shevaun Mizrahi, Distant Constellation

Stéphane Trottier, The Coasters

Talena Sanders, Between My Flesh and the World's Fingers

Tara Hakim, Teta, Opi & Me

Thierry Loa, 20-22 OMEGA

Tiphaine Raffier, The Song

Victor Arroyo, Time Is Out of Joint

Yuqi Kang, A Little Wisdom

Zaheed Mawani, Harvest Moon


Aurélie Pollet, Culte, lecteurs sous influence

Shannon Walsh, Disappearance: Hong Kong Stories

Emily Laliberté, 310

Frank Lantz, Universal Paperclips

Giorgio Ferrero, Denoise

Lisa Jackson, Biidaaban: First Light

Mélina Desrosiers, 310

Meysam Motazedi, The Human Link


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!