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19 October 2016 Festival

2016 Whole Programming Online!

Ready to dive into RIDM and DCM's entire programming?

Discover our 128 films from more than 35 countries!


From start to finish

The opening ceremony will kick off festivities with the Quebec premiere of Fire at sea. The fun will continue at RIDM's Headquarters with a free concert featuring local artists!


Official competition

11 prizes will be awarded to the winning films of the four competitive sections.


Don't miss our two major retrospectives!

Animating Reality: when the creative genius of animation sets its sights on the documentary.

Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd: a poetic quest for the in-between.


RIDM also features a whole panorama of films in our non-competitive sections:

State of the World features deeply political films. 

Portraits showcases touching and universal individual stories.

The biggest names and most prestigious works of the festival are screened in Special Presentations.

Off-limit includes a selection of the year's most original genre-busting works.

The UXdoc Space will make you live unique VR experiences.

Beat Dox will make your eardrums tingle!


Hold your breath! The closing ceremony will feature the world premiere of Un journaliste au front.

Afterwards, one last night of music will await you at our headquarters in order to go out with a bang!

Doc Circuit Montréal : Meet the documentary industry

This year’s programming is streamlined to the needs and requests of our documentary community, with a focus on funding for creative documentaries and rigorous issue-driven stories.

DCM in numbers : 400 guests, 70 decision makers, 30 events, 20 workshop and conferences, 10 networking event, 1 KINO VR, 1 Talent Lab et 1 One-on-One Pitches.

It's also about the documentary truth, it's Melissa auf Der Maur and Jonathan Harris in conversation, it's manifestos, and (anti)manifestos, and much more !


The RIDM is also...

Family screenings which will please parents and children,

Installations and exhibitions,

Discussions such as round tables to explore the ins and outs of documentary film and debates on social issues, 

And special screenings.


Come and dance during our Beat Dox Sessions!

Free concerts featuring local artists will make you dance at the festival headquarters. 


How and where to get tickets?

There are several ways to buy your tickets : online, by phone or in person. 


Enjoy the fest!



Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!

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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!