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RIDM 15 - 26 Nov. 2023

Where to eat?

Where to eat?
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Aux Vivres

Aux Vivres, the first vegan restaurant in Montreal, prepares innovative and delicious vegan dishes from the best possible ingredients they can source.

Its mission is to dissipate all myths about vegan cuisine by cooking filling and most of all, healthy meals.
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Kaza Maza

Kaza Maza offers Syrian specialties in a casual atmosphere. Take the time to hang out, listen to or buy music, discuss and change the world.
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Omnivore (Latin Quarter branch) offers a soothing atmosphere, along with healthy, affordable and tantalizing dishes inspired by Middle Eastern cuisine.
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Lola Rosa

The new Lola Rosa on Place des arts is just few blocks away from here! We are, for vegetarian or not, dedicated to make good food. You could enjoy a glass or a cocktail in the lounge with a spectacular view before your show or simply eat a good meal after.
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L'idéal bar & contenus

L’idéal bar & contenus is a new project that brings together lovers of natural wine, delicious meals, culture and art. In addition to offering a wide range of imported natural wines, L’idéal puts forward a cultural agenda by hosting different activities such as podcasts and events, thanks to a room dedicated to happenings and a recording studio.
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Located in downtown Montreal, the Pullman is essentially devoted to the sinful pleasures of wine. Enjoy the noble libation with varieties of cheese, charcuteries or small plates, in a relaxed atmosphere and a decor combining sophistication with a hint of eccentricity.
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Boulangerie GUILLAUME is a bakery in the heart of the Mile-End where a brigade of artisan bakers work, as per magic, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and manage to knead, shape and bake a whole range of breads, brioches, baguettes, etc. Our baked goods are offered in our store as well as in various restaurants and fine-groceries.
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Café des habitudes

With its mission to prone a softer lifestyle, Café des Habitudes opens its doors in La Petite-Patrie in Montréal in 2021. Multiplying ecological and innovative practices, this warm and welcoming space is above all, a committed place with strong values promoting zero waste, bio products and local economy.


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