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30 September 2020 Forum RIDM

Call for projects // SODEC_Lab @ CPH:DOX 2021 !


 Call for submissions for creative documentary producers 

Virtual participation in the CPH:FORUM film market and CPH:DOX film festival

A SODEC initiative, in partnership with Forum RIDM.


Important dates and information:

Call for submissions: September 30, 2020

Deadline for application: October 16, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

Mandatory preparatory workshops: early November 2020 and three occasions in winter 2021, in Montreal (physically or virtually, depending on the health situation).

Deadline for submission CPH:FORUM 2021: November 15, 2020

CPH:DOX 2021: March 17-28, 2021




• To prepare producers with creative documentary projects (all formats) for the European and international markets; more specifically for the Scandinavian and Danish markets of the CPH:FORUM, a professional forum dedicated to creative documentary and film projects with international potential, whether feature films, series or new media projects. 

• Provide a networking opportunity for candidates with significant local, national and/or international experience, but little or no experience at the CPH:FORUM professional forum;

• Establish relationships between Quebec producers and international producers, buyers, distributors and programmers accredited at the CPH:FORUM;

• Foster cultural exchanges, best practices and long-term formal and informal collaborations;


Professional activities offered to selected candidates:

• Preparatory workshops and one-on-one mentoring prior to the online event CPH:FORUM 2021;

• Individualized mentoring and specific program during the online event CPH:FORUM;

• Access to all Forum programming (March 17-28, 2021) and networking and conference activities;

• Workshops and networking with relevant industry representatives;

• Individual and collective meetings in privileged contexts with key players in the auteur and creative film and documentary media.

• Accreditation CPH:FORUM giving access to the entire festival and the professional component.


Profile required:

Who can apply?

• Documentary producers residing in Quebec who have produced at least one feature-length documentary project, a TV documentary series or an interactive or digital project. With or without international co-production experience;

• Having at least one (1) project (single documentary, series, new media or facilities) that has potential for international financing and distribution; 

• Being available for the preparatory workshop in November 2020 and three times in winter 2021, in Montreal (in person or online, depending on the health situation);

•  Available for the duration of the CPH:FORUM online from March 17-28, 2021.


Documents to be provided :

Complete file (in French or English) including :

• The completed online registration form (link to the form here) must be completed no later than October 16, 2020 at 11:59 pm;

• The candidate's CV;

• A project file: synopsis, intentions, co-production potential, summary budget, and link to an audiovisual excerpt (5 pages maximum).


Please send the documents no later than October 16, 2020 at 11:59 pm via our online form.


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