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11 November 2020 Forum RIDM

CMQ - The 16th annual Forum RIDM starts tomorrow!

The 16th annual Forum RIDM starts tomorrow!


Montreal, Wednesday, November 11, 2020 – The 16th edition of Forum RIDM opens officially this Thursday, November 12, online! The program will start with networking activities, including the One-on-One.


The online edition of the One-on-One Connected will run for two half-days. Registered participants will meet industry representatives who will give constructive feedback on the participants’ projects. Presented by the Alliance des producteurs francophones du Canada (APFC).


Exchanges of knowledge and information will continue with the Roundtables: Meet the funding bodies and the Roundtables: Meet the experts, which will give participants (registration required) the opportunity to meet and question representatives of multiple funding bodies and professionals from several areas of expertise. Presented with the financial support of SODEC and Telefilm Canada.


Several Online 5 à 7 (Happy Hour) will be open to all accredited Forum participants. Presented with the financial support of SODECTelefilm Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, Canadian Heritage, the Ville de Montréal and the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the opening reception will be a celebration of documentary and a chance to meet fellow attendees. 


A special Online 5 à 7 (Happy Hour) for the One-on-One Connected will give participants the chance to unwind after their two half-days of meetings. The reception is made possible by the participation of DOC Québec. Finally, the closing Online 5 à 7 (Happy Hour), presented in collaboration with Film Fatales, will bring together members of organizations advocating for women and trans and non-binary persons in the documentary community. 


Accredited participants are also invited to participate in three discussions on different facets of documentary production.


The creators and producers of two XR projects will present their forthcoming pieces at UXDOC: XR Projects in Progress, sharing their thoughts on the documentary ecosystem, production and distribution strategies, and pitfalls and solutions in the digital age. Presented with the financial support of the Canada Media Fund.


The Rough Cut Lab has two parts: the screening of a documentary at the advanced editing stage, with the film’s crew; and a discussion with a panel of experts. The discussion will explore topics such as creative editing, festival strategies and release strategies at a crucial phase in the production process. Presented in collaboration with ChopChop.


The Doc Hour is centered around testimonials from creators and producers who have successfully overcome the major challenges involved in making a documentary, including funding, filming, post production and copyrights. Presented by DOC Québec.


Lastly, several practical workshops will teach skills and knowledge that are essential in these uncertain times:


The Création Plurielle workshop, aimed at providing better support for minority and Indigenous professionals, is presented in two parts. The first workshop, The Financing Landscape, will explore the various funding options, while the second, Writing for Public Funds, will look at best practices for accessing grants. Presented with the financial support of the Bell Fund.


Meanwhile, the Doc Ignite workshop will explore approaches to reframing regional stories to give them universal appeal. International funding will also be addressed through this activity, aimed at strengthening cross-border cultural alliances. Presented in collaboration with Hot Docs.


From November 12 to 19, Forum RIDM will provide practical strategic tools to accredited participants, thanks to the expertise and collaboration of industry representatives and experts.



Forum RIDM passes are still available at and will be sold throughout the festival. All activities will take place online.


About Forum RIDM

Each year, Forum RIDM – the RIDM’s professional market – organizes an intensive schedule of business meetings and professional development workshops. The 16th edition of Forum RIDM will take place from November 12 to 19, 2020. 



The 16th annual Forum RIDM will be held online from November 12 to 19, 2020.


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