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4 July 2016

Changes within the RIDM programming team

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Changes within the RIDM programming team

Montreal, January 25, 2016After 13 years at the Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), including six as director of programming, Charlotte Selb will take a break from the festival starting January 30, 2016. Two team members will helm the programming of the 19th annual RIDM (November 10-20 this year). Bruno Dequen will be the director of programming and Marie-Laure Tittley, the department manager.  

This pause will allow me to explore new opportunities, and will allow the RIDM to benefit from the vision and energy of my excellent, long-time colleagues Bruno Dequen and Marie-Laure Tittley,” said Charlotte Selb. “This solid structure will ensure true artistic continuity for our organization and a seamless continuation of the work we have done in recent years,” she added.

Charlotte Selb has established a unique programming vision whose quality is recognized worldwide. The entire RIDM team is delighted to be working with two long-term colleagues to program the 19th edition, which will be every bit as ambitious as its predecessors,” said the festival’s executive director, Mara Gourd-Mercado.

A member of the RIDM programming team since 2011, Bruno Dequen has worked for film festivals since 1998, including the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (FNC). He is also a teacher and critic, and has been editor-in-chief of the 24 images film journal since December 2015.

Marie-Laure Tittley started her film festival career with the Producers Network at the Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du film. She then served as coordinator of the first two European editions of the Frontières International Co-Production Market organized by Fantasia. She joined the RIDM team in 2012 and became coordinator of the programming team in 2014.

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