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3 February 2021 Forum RIDM


QC+BY Doc CoPro

Quebec-Bavarian Documentary Coproduction


 Call for projects with coproduction potential aimed at emerging documentary producers (linear, interactive and Virtual Reality) both in Quebec and Bavaria.


Call for submission opens on February 4, 2021

Submission deadline on March 1, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (midnight)

Together with DOK.Forum Munich, Forum RIDM is proud to renew the successful two-year international professional development programme. Three emerging producers from Bavaria and three from Quebec will have the opportunity to work together on developing new co-productions on both sides of the Atlantic and will be provided with a new network of collaborators, training, masterclasses, individual mentorship and networking events.


PROGRAME DATES (participant must be available for all sessions)

| May 5-10, 2021| München 2021 - online participation

| Mid-November 2021 |RIDM Forum 2021 - (exact date to be confirmed, participation in person or online depending on the health situation)

| Beginning of May 2022 | München 2022 - (exact date to be confirmed, participation in person or online depending on health situation)

| Mid-November 2022 | RIDM Forum 2022 - (exact date to be confirmed, participation in person or online depending on the health situation)



  • Improve understanding of international coproduction

  • Help develop projects that will continue to build commercial and creative bridges between Bavaria and Quebec

  • Prepare and train emerging documentary producers (linear, interactive and virtual reality) for international coproduction

  • Foster new collaborations between Bavaria-based and Quebec-based emerging producers that might translate in coproduction projects

  • Allow emerging producers to connect with potential collaborators and financiers, bring projects to market, get financed and find an audience

  • Provide in-depth practical knowledge of the international coproduction landscape, as well as a better understanding of the producer’s role in a globalized market

  • Encourage cultural exchanges, best practices and formats



In a two-year timeframe (May 2021 to December 2022), three producers each from Bavaria and Quebec will be offered a comprehensive training program and networking activities. The four program units are held alternately between München and Forum RIDM in Montreal. The kick-off event will take place in May 2021 at Marketplace. The program includes:

  • Joint workshops and masterclasses with a focus on coproduction, covering both the very practical side (budget, tax credits, treaty rules, etc.) and the creative side (creative producing, decision making, impact producing, creative split scenarios)

  • Workshops with industry representatives present on site during the four festival stays, including individual mentoring sessions for each project

  • One-to-One Meetings at each event and pitching sessions to the end of the training

  • Joint preparation, follow-up sessions and individual support from the Marketplace and Forum RIDM team



  • Accreditations and access to all activities during the four events and their networking activities

  • International mobility grant (if health situation permits travel) 



Who can participate?

  • All Quebec resident documentary producers (linear, interactive and Virtual Reality):

  • Having produced at least one feature length documentary film or or 3 years of experience;

  • Hasn't officially coproduced internationally OR have one international coproduction experience

  • Currently developing at least one project with Bavarian coproduction and international broadcast potential and/or wants to collaborate on Bavarian coproduction projects in development

  • Be fully available on the dates indicated in the call


How to submit an application?

For your application please use the general submission platform of Marketplace.

The deadline is February 1, 2021 but please do not consider this deadline for submission to the QC+BY program. DEADLINE QC+BY PROGRAM -> March 1, 2021 (All regulations can be found here.)

1. Create a profile on DOK.Fest :

    If you don't have a profile yet it's here 

    If you already have an account with them, login to your personal space here.

2. Once you are logged in, you can submit a project in the Marketplace section.

3. Click on new project and fill in the form.

4. WARNING don't forget to check the BY+QC Doc CoPro box at the top of the form at the first question!


If you have any questions please contact 


This activity is made possible thanks to the investment of the Ministry of Culture and Communications within the Quebec-Bavaria Cooperation, as well as the representation of the State of Bavaria in Quebec.


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