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QC+BY Doc Co-Prod
Quebec-Bavarian Documentary Coproduction

Call for coproduction projects aimed at emerging documentary producers (linear, interactive and Virtual Reality) both in Quebec and Bavaria.


Call for submission open on October 4, 2018

Submission deadline on November 2, 2018 at 12pm (noon)

For both Doc Circuit Montreal (DCM) and Marketplace the goal is to support and strengthen the local documentary film industry by offering coproduction and training opportunities to emerging producers (linear, interactive and Virtual Reality). Offering local producers the opportunity to meet with and learn from contemporaries from other regions will be invaluable to the continued growth of the industry. We want to develop the relationship between Quebec and Bavarian partners by offering opportunities to meet and collaborate.

  • Improve understanding of coproduction

  • Help develop projects that will continue to build commercial and creative bridges between Quebec and Bavaria

  • Prepare and train emerging producers in documentary (linear, interactive and Virtual Reality) for international coproduction

  • Foster new collaborations between producers that will translate in coproduction projects getting financed and produced

  • Allow emerging producers to connect with potential collaborators and financiers, bring projects to market and to find an audience

  • Provide in-depth practical knowledge of the international co-production landscape, as well as a better understanding of the producer’s role in a globalized market

  • Establish relationships between Quebec-based emerging producers, and Bavaria-based as well as international producers, buyers, distributors and programmers

  • Encourage cultural exchanges, best practices and format

Alternating between events in Munich and Montreal, in a 2-year timeline (November 2018 to November 2020), professional activities will be offered to the selected candidates:

• Training program of workshops and masterclasses with a coproduction focus; that will speak to the very practical side (budget, tax credits, treaty rules, etc.) and to the creative side (creative producing, decision-making, impact producing, key creative split scenarios)

• Individual mentorship and support during Doc Circuit Montreal and Marketplace

• Access to all activities during the two events and their networking activities

• Practical workshops and presentations by decision-makers present on site

• One-on-one sessions at each event and a pitching session to end the training

Details of the offer

• International transport

• Accreditation to both events

Required profile in Quebec

Who can participate?

All Quebec resident documentary producers (linear, interactive and Virtual Reality):

  • Having produced at least two feature length documentary film and a minimum of 3 years experience in documentary production.
  • Hasn't officially coproduced internationally OR have one international coproduction experience

  • Hasn't had at least one project with Bavarian coproduction and international broadcast potential and/or wants to collaborate on Bavarian coproduction projects in development

  • Is available on these dates:

November 11-14 2018 (Doc Circuit Montréal)

May 8-16 2019 ( Munich)

How to submit an application:
  • Provide a complete application (in english) including:

    • A detailed resume

    • Application form latest on November 2 at 12pm (noon)

    • A short project proposal including short synopsis, long synopsis, director note, budget summary and coproduction potential (maximum five pages)

→ Open to all formats, including Virtual Reality.

Quebec-based selected projects : Charles Menher - Between two worlds, Eric Ruel - Nothing but the truth, Mélanie Carrier - Deep Inside Humanity // Bavaria-based selected projets : Alexander Krötsch - Population matters, Martin Schwimmer - Homo Ex Machina, Thomas Herberth - Young & Hungry


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!

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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!