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RIDM 17 - 27 Nov. 2022

Forum RIDM 19 - 23 Nov. 2022

Creative Youth Program

Past workshops

In 2018, PAYSages sonores, produced by the Trames collective, is the fifth webdoc from the RIDM's Young Audiences program. This multidisciplinary creative project puts listening front and centre. In this interactive work, 13 students in Brigitte Roy's French-second- language class at Lucien-Pagé high school share memories of their native countries, while also exploring their new home through sounds and words. With the support of the artists of the Trames collective and other contributors, the students created and assem- bled all the content, from writing to sound editing. The project helped the students learn a variety of skills, while sensitizing them to concepts of ecology and noise pollution. Presented in collaboration with KNGFU with the financial support of the culture in the schools program of the ministère de l'éducation et de l'enseignement supérieur and Téléfilm Canada.

In 2017, made under the guidance of director Émilie B. Guérette OMG MTL !, explores the relationship between students at the specialized Eurêka School and their city. The interactive work is a playful window on the students’ thoughts and personalities, conveyed through photos and sound recordings.

In 2016, social pressures around teens’ career choices are the focus of a project involving every student at Eurêka high school, where the 43 students are asking themselves whether their future is set or uncertain. Marie-Claude Fournier is leading the production of Futur, pas sûr, designed for mobile platforms.

In 2015, with Intersections, students at Amos school explored their neighbourhood and talked about peaceful coexistence, preconceptions and prejudices as a way of demystifying Montréal-Nord. Catherine Therrien and Nadine Gomez led the students in their adventure.

In 2014, the pilot project Sans cell, trop cruel  introduced students at Montreal’s Jeanne-Mance high school to every facet of webdocumentary production. The project is about the students’ relationship with their mobile phones at home, among friends and at school, where the devices are strictly prohibited. The project was led by director Marie-Claude Fournier.


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!