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19 October 2020 Festival

Discover the 2020 RIDM!


The complete program of the 23rd edition of the RIDM is finally unveiled! This year, the festival will run for three weeks, from November 12 to December 2. The weekly line-ups will be organized around 8 thematic sections with equal weighting for short, medium and feature-length films.


This year, the festival’s program will be available online everywhere in Quebec via, the festival’s streaming platform powered by CineSend. We offer two simple options for the Box Office : Pass &  Section Subscription. The first option is good for all festival programming, the second gives you access to all films in one of the 8 sections.

Meeting the many challenges of 2020, the RIDM has designed its sections as explorations of issues and responses to current realities. 109 films, including 48 features, and numerous remote discussions and workshops will, more than ever, make November a grand celebration of documentary film!


From November 12 to 18, the RIDM invites audience to...

DISRUPTING HISTORY: 11 films that use cinema to shed light on little-known historical episodes, critique official narratives or reflect on the enduring impact of key figures. Collectively, these essays, broadsides, performances and archival explorations form a fascinating set of works that, from Canada to Afghanistan, Colombia and Nigeria, encourage us to rethink our relationship with the past.


EXPLORING NATURE: 11 films about our multifaceted relationships with nature and the environment: the impacts of climate change, spiritual and mystical connections with the natural world, animal’s-eye-view perspectives and observations of the socio-cultural impacts of our relationship with nature. 


SEEKING COMMUNITIES: 11 films that observe and examine politics, identity issues and social reintegration. From observational grand narratives to autobiographical testimonials, this section is all about how we engage with others. - Presented in collaboration with Radio-Canada


From November 19 to 25, the RIDM will focus on...

CONTEMPLATING DYSTOPIA: 12 films that confront the strangeness of our world. An unlikely road movie with the spokesman for a death cult, an imagined world without people, futuristic architecture and nocturnal odysseys. These creative films reframe our reality.


BECOMING ONESELF: These 12 films are profiles and self-portraits about our relationship with the world – a series of inspiring and poetic existential quests that affirm the many definitions of self.


CHALLENGING POWER: These 12 films, running the gamut from activist cinema to highly experimental pieces, confront past and present injustices while paying tribute to many brave and committed people. - Presented in collaboration with the CSN - Confédération des syndicats nationaux.


From November 26 to December 2, the RIDM will ask viewers...

REDEFINING INTIMACY: 13 films with an intimate side, exploring everything from family relationships and romantic entanglements to the state of healthcare. These very personal stories question the relationship between the individual and their society and time.


SURVIVING VIOLENCE: 12 activist films that testify powerfully to some of today’s most distressing violence: exploitation of Indigenous peoples, the tragedies faced by migrants, countries at war, state repression and violence against women.



Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!

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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!