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26 July 2021 Forum RIDM

Forum RIDM, introducing today's producers to tomorrow's market



Last June, the Forum RIDM, in partnership with SODEC, had the opportunity to support producer Caroline Bergoin (Casadel Films), whose projects hold a strong potential for international co-production, in the framework of the SODEC_LAB organized within the Sunny Side of the Doc 2021 international documentary market. Throughout this program, Forum RIDM helped the producer acquire the necessary tools to develop her latest major documentary series project. 


Caroline benefited from professional coaching, curated workshops programs and mentoring sessions. The collaboration has also allowed her to expand her professional network and develop business opportunities within the European and international markets, whether it be for co-production, financing or distribution. 


Enriching encounters 

The customized workshops program organized by Forum RIDM brought the producer in contact with various experts from the documentary industry: Kazz Basma (Sideways Films) as well as the independent consultants Selin Murat, Michel Pradier and Véronique Légaré. It is through the sharing of their rich experience that they were able to effectively prepare the producer for the upcoming market, giving her the means to achieve her objectives: "I had my strategy in mind, which I was able to put in place thanks to the tools I acquired during the preliminary workshops. It allowed me to identify the industry players to talk to while preparing for the art of the pitch", says Caroline Bergoin.


Her participation in the SODEC_LAB @ Sunny Side of the Doc 2021 framed her with a global and peripheral vision of the current issues the documentary industry is facing. Through the four days of events, sessions and individual meetings organized in collaboration with Forum RIDM, Caroline was able to strategically explore current issues on the field: "The conferences and speakers were great! The professional market allowed me to get a real time portrait of the industry, understand what TV channels are looking for, how emerging audiences are consuming content and how to reach them while identifying the international players in the industry. In particular, I was able to access distributors easily and vice versa."


A fruitful collaboration 

Finally, it is the richness of the encounters and exchanges that constitutes the real value-added of the SODEC_LAB @ Sunny Side of the Doc, as the producer affirms: "There are as many ways to produce as there are producers! We have to be creative in our search for fundings, and being able to discuss this with other people within the documentary field opens up new fields of reflections."


Forum RIDM is proud to have renewed its partnership with SODEC for a 4th edition in the SODEC_LAB @ Sunny Side of the Doc 2021 and reiterates its commitment to the international documentary scene by positioning itself as a promising project incubator for emerging filmmakers and producers. 



Caroline Bergoin has been working in television and film production for the past ten years. After completing her studies in arts and media, she trained in documentary production at the Institut de l'image et du son (INIS). She has now acquired a solid experience in documentary. Her first full-length film L'amour à la plage marked the beginning of her career as an independent producer. At the same time, she has been producing web content for brands and various media and now focuses on the development and production of documentary series at Casadel Films.








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