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14 August 2019 Forum RIDM


Montreal, Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - Forum RIDM is excited to announce the call for submission launch for the Cuban Hat Pitch which takes place during the 15th edition of the RIDM’s industry forum. Established as well as emerging producers and directors are invited to submit their documentary film projects by September 2. With several prizes awarded by the industry and the audience, the Cuban Hat Pitch is a festive and significant part of the Forum RIDM calendar.



For the 9th consecutive year, Forum RIDM and the Montreal based coop MAKILA present the Cuban Hat Pitch. Ahead of the event that will take place on November 18 and following the call for submissions, five projects will be selected by a committee of experts, followed by an online public vote held for one week. Each team will then be invited to pitch their projects in front of a live audience and a prestigious jury to win numerous cash and services prizes, generously offered by our partners. All finalists will take part in a three-day pitch training and receive an accreditation for the entire Forum RIDM. Any unfinished linear, series, interactive or virtual reality documentary project are welcome to submit.


This year, Forum RIDM’s hat contained more than 50,000$ in cash and services, and continues to seek partnerships. Bringing the film community together (project creators, industry professionals and audience), the prizes also support the production of successful films. The full list of prizes can be found online starting in August 2019 and will continue to grow until the event.


Important dates:

  •       Last day to submit projects: September 2, 2019
  •       Pitch training with Makila: October 5, 26 & November 15, 2019
  •       Audience vote on November 8 to 17, 2019
  •       Cuban Hat Pitch Event: November 18, 2019



  •       Open to all Canadian filmmakers (neither citizenship nor permanent residence are required)
  •       Open to all types of documentary projects, including hybrid films
  •       Open to all types of projects, every stage of production, every genre, format and media


*Filmmakers living outside of Montreal are encouraged to send their project submissions but will be responsible for all costs related to travel and lodging.


Our confirmed partners of the 2019 Cuban Hat:

SPIRA| MAKILA | TOPO - Laboratoire d’écritures numériques | Lussier & Khouzam | CQAM | Tortuga Films| Xn Québec | FCTMN


Thank you to Makila and all of our Cuban Hat Partners.


About Forum RIDM

Each year, Forum RIDM organizes an intensive schedule of business meetings and professional development workshops as RIDM’s professional market. The 15th edition of RIDM Forum will take place from November 16 to 20, 2019.



Makila is a solidarity based non-profit coop with a mission to create, produce and distribute participatory media projects in a spirit of collaboration and reciprocity.


To find out about more about project admissibility and submission, please consult our website:




For more information, please contact:

Caroline Rompré | pixelleX communications | 514-778-9294 |



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