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7 June 2018 Forum RIDM

SODEC and DOC CIRCUIT MONTREAL collaborate on the creation of the SODEC_LAB Documentary Coproduction

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MontrealThursdayJune 7, 2018 - An initiative of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles (SODEC), in partnership with Doc Circuit Montreal, the SODEC_LAB Documentary coproduction is sending six Quebec producers to the international documentary industry market Sunny Side of the Doc de La Rochelle from June 25th to 28th.

Sunny Side of the Doc’s professional framework will familiarize selected participants with international documentary coproductions through a specialized program of activities, meetings and tailored networking sessions.

SODEC and Doc Circuit Montreal are pleased to be collaborating with the Alliance of Canadian Francophone Producers (APFC) on curated networking events for selected producers.


The producers selected for the 2018 edition of the SODEC_LAB Documentary Coproduction are:

Patrick Fauquembergue, Magasin Général 

Patrick has produced many projects in collaboration with a variety of production companies (L’impact vers la MLS, Le Steakhouse, Les discrètes, VR en Déroute, Chasseurs d’épaves, Cris sur le Bayou, Sexplora, etc). After working with Urbania/TOXA and VICE Media, he founded Magasin Général, a content and branding production studio focused on human interest stories. Magasin Général didn’t waste any time and immediately began producing content for Canadian Networks Casa, Explora, Canal D, Canal Vie, SRC as well as Netflix US.


Amélie Lambert-Bouchard, Films Extérieur Jour

In 2012, Amélie launched her producing career working with Sylvie Van Brabant on Eve Lamont’s documentary Le Chantier des possibles. She has gone on to produce short, medium and feature-length documentaries for web, television or theatrical release. Amélie’s new production company, Films Extérieur Jour, continues to support both emerging and seasoned filmmakers on unique and diverse projects.



Geneviève Lévesque, WabanokTV

Geneviève has been working in television and multimedia production for close to 20 years. Having worked on conception, development and production of TV, youth and documentary projects, she wants to bring to the screen high-quality current and authentic human stories with passionate teams. As a producer for Wabanok TV, she was most recently in charge of the TV series Awesome!, Méchant trip! 1&2 (APTN), as well as the documentary films A Quiet Killing and La Ligne Rouge (APTN/Canal D).



Judith Plamondon, JAB Productions

Director and producer, Judith Plamondon has been devoted to documentary for 5 years. In 2013, she directed 3 Steps from the Stage, a short documentary shot in Munich that won several awards, including Best Student Film at the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois. In 2015, she co-founded JAB Productions, dedicating herself to producing and directing online videos and documentaries. In 2017, she directed and produced Les Québécois de la loi 101 for the public broadcaster Radio-Canada. She is currently working on a documentary feature, Lovebirds, a film set in the Florida of Quebecois snowbirds that focuses on budding romantic relationships of 70-year-old.


Katarina Soukup, Catbird Productions

Catbird Productions was founded in 2006 by Katarina Soukup. As a Montreal-based boutique production company, Catbirds Productions make award-winning documentaries for Canadian and international audiences, whether they be theatrical docs, TV docs or interactive web docs. The company had the privilege of working with some incredibly creative talents, as well as partners such as CBC, Radio-Canada, ARTV, documentary Channel, NHK, DR, Al Jazeera, Sundance, Icarus Films, The Cinema Guild, Doc & Film, K Films Amérique and Les Films du 3 mars.



Stéphanie Verrier, Productions Flow

Les Productions Flow is a production company founded in 2011 by Stéphanie Verrier, to make moving, creative projects with a social impact and brought to life by passionate creators. Her projects have been released theatrically, on television and the web, with the support of Radio-Canada, RDI, Télé-Québec, Canal D, SODEC, the Rogers Fund, the Bell Fund and the CMF, amongst others.



For more information on the SODEC_LAB Documentary coproduction, please visit SODEC's website.



SODEC’s mandate is to promote and support the introduction and development of cultural enterprises in all regions of Quebec. SODEC contributes to enhance the quality of cultural industry products and services, rendering them more competitive in Quebec, in the rest of Canada, and beyond our borders as well. It also aims to protect and promote the heritage properties it has owned since 1989.


About Doc Circuit Montréal

Each year, Doc Circuit Montréal organizes an intensive schedule of business meetings and professional‐development workshops as RIDM’s professional market. The 14th edition of Doc Circuit Montréal will take place from November 10 to 14, 2018.




Information :

Caroline Rompré | Publicist | RIDM | 514 778-9294


Johanne Morissette | Head of communication | SODEC | 514 841-2314



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