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7 June 2016

2014 Press releases

Press releases

Discover all the news you've seen or missed during the 17th edition of RIDM festival!

Films, discussions, year long activities, awards and other important events are all here in these 2014 press releases.


The 17th annual RIDM: A time of renewal

December 11 -2014


Award winners at the 17th Montreal International Documentary Festival

November 23 -2014


The RIDM opens with THE EMPIRE OF SCENTS by Kim Nguyen, 17th edition, November 12 to 23

November 11 -2014


Musical RIDML: Great parties at festival headquarters

November 6 -2014


More than 40 films from Quebec and the rest of Canada at the 17th RIDM

October 31 -2015


The RIDM will welcome more than 75 international guests for its 17th edition

October 31 -2014


Doc Circuit Montreal annouces the line-up for its 10th anniversary

October 22 -2014


Montreal International Documentray Festival: 2014 program

October 22 -2014


Opening and closing films: Kim Nguyen's LE NEZ and Nicolas Wadimoff's SPARTIATES

September 29 -2014


RIDM annouces 10 films for the 17th edition

September 22 -2014


From November 12 to 23, the RIDM presents three major retrospectives: James Benning, Kazuo Hara and OF MEN AND BEASTS

September 4 -2014


The 17th edition of the RIDM: from November 12th to the 23rd (in French only)

August 15 -2014


TOSCA'S KISS by Daniel Schmid at Docville

August 12 -2014


RIDM en plein air summer screenings: the world's best documentaries outdoors, free, all summer!

July 10 -2014


IS THE MAN WHO IS TALL HAPPY? by Michel Gondry -Quebec premiere at Docville

June 10 -2014


PINE RIDGE by Anna Eborn premieres at Docville

May 16 -2014


THE UNKNOW KNOW by Errol Morris: Quebec premiere at Docville Thursday, April 24, 8 p.m., Cinéma Excentris

April 10 -2014


Montreal International Documentary Festival April 2 to 6 2014 at Cinema Cartier (French only)

March 20 -2014


Jodorowsky's DUNE by Frank Pavich: Quebec premiere at Docville

March 13 -2014


MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE at Docville: inside the secret world of high finance

February 13 -2014


WHEN I WALK by Jason Dasilva opens the RIDM's 2014 Docville series

January 15 -2014


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Discover the best in documentary, take part in our year-round activities, and make the most of your festival!